This demo takes a sample of a microbiome - the community of microorganisms that share our body - and compares it to a database of known species of microorganisms to check what it is.

Please, select a DNA sample to match against the Green Genes database.

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That is running on CrowdProcess: a distributed computing platform powered by thousands of browsers.

The processing power used to run that sequence alignment is occuring in browsers watching this page and connected to the CrowdProcess platform. And is totally written in JavaScript.


We've made this because we believe that massively parallel computing power obtained through web browsers can open the way to a future where distributed computing is accessible to everyone and anyone. That and the ease of use of JavaScript can trully bring (computing) power to the people.

Want to contribute?

If you're interested in Biology or Bioinformatics, Genome Sequencing, Microbiome, Distributed Computing, JavaScript (or all of the above) and want to know how this works, or even contribute to it, you can check the code on GitHub or get in touch.

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